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Taking Care of Me!

Lately I have had it with not taking care of myself…I put everything and everyone ahead of myself and honestly I am burnt out. 

Several times in the last year, make it last couple years, but especially this last year, I have felt I am two steps away from having a nervous breakdown. 

So one of the areas that I am not proud of myself and how I have let things go is my weight.  I never make it a priority cause I always can think of other things that need to get done or other people in my life like the hubby and kids that need to be taken care of.  So by the time I have time for myself I am exhausted and its much easier to just veg out and watch TV. 

So at the end of 2007 I finally came up with some goals I would like to accomplish in the next year.     Here they are: 

Starting weight:  200-210  Goal Weight:  150-160
Overall goal:  Lose 50 lbs in the next year.
Monthly goal:  4-5 lbs
Weekly goal: 1 lb
Overall goal:  Explore which exercises I can realistically incorporate into lifelong habits for consistent exercise
Weekly goal intially:  2-3 times, 1/2 hour exercise
Longterm goal:  5 times/week 1 hour, cardio and strength training
-To limit Sweets:  Chocolate, icecream, cakes, snack items, etc.
                          longterm goal:  occasionally
-To limit soda intake, intial goal:  1-2/day  longterm goal:  occasionally
-To cutback on total caloric intake, eat smaller portions
-increase Fruit consumption  intial goal:  Identify fruits that  i like to eat and increase intake    longterm goal:  substitute fruit for other sweets
I will be starting this soon.  I will update with my progress.

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Falling like flies…:)

Unfortunately the last few days we all have been falling like flies…getting sick that is…

Late Saturday my youngest who had been having diarrhea started vomiting and vomiting and eventually couldn’t even hold milk down.  So around 1 Am Sunday morning I took him to the ER.  We ended up actually not staying that long and he was diagnosed with an earache and stomach virus.  The doc said to keep him on liquids on Sunday.  So I did but everytime I attempted even to breastfeed him a little he would throwup again.  So ended up starting to just give the pedialyte. 

On Sunday our cousin and her mother were returning from a month long visit to Kurdistan so we went to visit.  The whole time the baby was agitated and uncomfortable.   He was clingy and wanted only me.  So after we ate we quickly left for home.  Later that evening after waking from a nap, I mentioned that he had not thrown up again and had even eaten a little rice and dolma at the relatives house.  OOPS…immediately after I said that he threw up all over me and him.  All I could do was laugh at myself for saying anything. 

After spending that night on the edge of sleep and being awake, for I was scared at any moment he would throwup on me again…I heard a knock on the door around 5 am…it was my oldest…he had just thrown up…I helped him to clean up and tucked him into bed again.  An hour later I got the other two ready and told their father to take them in as I was busy with the two that were sick.  Later my oldest would throw up a couple more times and spent most of the day holding his stomach and complaining of pains.  He was a little flushed but I only detected a slightly elevated temp.

After we got home on Monday from school the others seemed to be fine until my 5 year old complained of having a headache.  That eventually turned into him throwing up.  And boy did he!  The poor thing I think threw up more than any of the others.  In the meantime my oldest seemed to be doing better and even managed to eat dinner.  I also thought the baby was doing better as he was being more active and hadn’t thrown up.  But later when I gave him some milk after him hitting my breasts in demand, once again he threw it all back up again.  Its hard when you breastfeed and they are older…you can’t hide your breasts and you can only take so much of them asking for it.  Also the fact that he hadn’t really ate since Sat. made me feel so bad for him. 

As we went to bed that evening my oldest again threw up a little and complained of his stomach hurting but he slept thru the night and I sent him to school with a gatorade.  The 5 yr old threw up a couple more times but eventually fell asleep and announced in the morning that he was all better and he wanted to go to school. 

In the meantime I had wokeup at 12 am with a bad stomach ache…by 1 am I had thrown up.  But my stomach continued to hurt and I tossed and turned until morning prayer around 6 am when I threw up again.  Afterwards I had diarrhea, but then had to go get the kids ready for school.  As I finshed waking them up i was hit with a terrible pain and raced to the bathroom.  Most of it made it in the toilet… 

After the boys went to school I took the baby downstairs who had slept thru the night and was in good spirits.  But I dared to tempt fate and breastfed him for awhile…not 5 minutes later he had thrown up all over me and him!  After changing him…it was like 10 minutes later and I hear him having diarrhea…as I open his pants to change him its everywhere and I hold back the urge to go throw up again.  Once again I change him (at this point I am like its pointless but its cold and I can’t leave him in a diaper).  And he is tired and so we both go upstairs to nap…

I get him off to sleep and I sleep for a little when the phone awakes me…

And here I am now…fighting off the urge to throw up again.  But mostly hoping that the kids get better so I can actually really sleep.

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 Unfortunately we lost another young Kurdish teen here in Nashville.  And once again it was a car accident. 

In the last few years this is one of many tragic deaths. 

 Before a couple years ago it happened to a young Kurdish guy who my husband was very close to, who played soccer with him.  Our extended family and the boys family were also well aquainted.  And my huband’s brother in law’s sister was married to the boys brother.  So in a way they were distant family to us, and in the Kurdish way they were hizm, or in-laws. 

 It was really hard on his mom and whole family.  Even now, a couple years later I can see the pain in his mother’s eyes.  She recently went to Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca.  But it was a bittersweet experience for her, yes she had completed her hajj, something not every Muslim can achieve in their lifetime, but she will never get her son who died so young back and that has been something she has struggled to deal with ever since his death.

I don’t know if I personally knew this boy, they said he frequented the Salahadeen Mosque so I may have seen him, however I would have liked to go irregardless and pay my respects.  Maybe I will get the opportunity in the next couple days Insh’Allah (God-willing). 

For now I am doing chores around the house…I spent the day cleaning up the kitchen…sweeping, mopping, dishes, laundry, etc.  …as well as change a billion of my baby son’s diapers as he has had diahrrea all day!!

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Eva AbdullahHere I go again…my latest blog attempt!

Anyways this blog is to share with you what it truly is to be a M-U-S-L-I-M, aka Muslim.  Not just what we believe, but how we live day-to-day, the struggles, the joys, and everything in between.  The day-to-day life with our families and communities, and how religion plays a role in all of that. 

I am not going to share it by giving you a encyclopedic answer to all of this, but rather by giving you a glimpse into my life and what I am dealing with day in and day out as an American Muslim Woman.

Welcome and enjoy the read!

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