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Meran and Eva

I have good news…and that is that lately I have been very Happy and content and less stressed!  Alot of that has to do with the fact that things with my husband have been really good.

Like a month ago my friend was here and babysat.  So I told my husband that we haven’t been out alone in ages so lets do something.  So I got dressed up in my Hijabi best and he got all handsome too and we went out to dinner.  It was so nice.  We had the best time.  It was like the old times, I was nervous and giggling and he was being goofy.  We had the best conversation and could not stop looking at eachother and smiling.  That was a great day!

It was amazing how that had effect on the rest of my life as well.  I was more happy internally so I was better able to be a good mother and wife at home.  The thing is that I am happy to be a stay-at-home mom most of the time.  I am able to really raise my kids from infancy and mold them as I want and I have the freedom to be involved in my older kids lives more.  It just that in the last couple years, especially when my husband was away translating and then ever since, I have just been always stressed out to the max and never found a way to relax and regroup. 

So I am so thankful that lately my husband and I have found time for us even if its only once a year or every two years(in between we have the moments after the kids go to bed to spend time together), because it makes all the difference to me.  To be reminded of our love for eachother is so nice.  I truly love him so much as the father of my children and a husband.  He is my prince charming!

I feel truly blessed!


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Little Kurdistan, USA

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