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Surprise Me!!

A recent study on the typical “terrorist” prone to radical Islam and violence produced the following results, that there was no “stereotypical” terrorist at all…read below and here

The study says terrorists studied were “a diverse collection of individuals, fitting no single profile, nor do they all follow a typical pathway to violent extremism.”

Contradicting a perception that all those involved in terrorist activities are religious fanatics, it asserts that most terrorists are religious novices, with some rarely practicing their faith at all.

This is of no surprise to me…I would think that you would more likely see someone who is extremely religious just cutting themself off from society rather than creating more chaos.  It makes more sense to me what this study states cause its more logical that someone who practices either little or nothing would actually have alterior motives and are just using their faith as a catalyst for their objectives.



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Busy Busy Bee…

Wow, let me catch my breath!

I have been so busy in the last couple weeks.  I think this summer flew because of so many things happening, one on top of the other.  And now before I knew it school has started again for the boys.

Soon I will fill everyone in on what has kept me such a busy busy bee:)

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You can now view a special interview with my husband, Meran Abdullah about his story of survival in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) during the Anfal Campaigns that Saddam Hussein waged against the Kurdish people in the late 80’s.

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