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***In researching symptoms I was going thru, I found I had all the signs of depression and didn’t even know it.  I knew I had been overwhelmed and extremely anxious, but was in denial that I was depressed.  Still I knew something wasn’t right.  In my quest to help myself, I would like to share with you what others told me, or I discovered for myself.  It is my top tips on how to deal with a depression from a Muslim perspective.


1.  Allah is number one:)

-This seems like a given but REALLY rely on Allah for everything!

-Trust in Allah, even if you can’t see the outcome, know that whatever is now will pass and it has a purpose.

-Make long Sujuud and poor your heart out to Allah about all that’s bothering you.

-Make Dhikr often

2. Do Remember/DON”T Dwell

-Remember the good, the things you’ve accomplished, and your blessings…often.  And don’t dwell on the bad, your failures, and problems that aren’t being resolved.

3.  Don’t let your problems fester.

-Become an expert communicator

4.  Talk to friends

-Often they give advice, support, or words of wisdom that give you strength.

5.  Ask for Help!

-Don’t let shaitan convince you otherwise.  You can always return the favor to someone else later.

6.  Nasheeds

-Music is healing

7.  Go Outside

-The sun, air, etc are all energizing and relaxing.  Often you will find yourself renewed by connecting with nature.

8.  Post IT!

-Post inspiring thoughts, hadeeths, or Ayats around the house

9.  Study the Prophets (PBUT)

-Most of the Prophets went thru hardships, their determination and strength to push on is inspiring.

10.  Seek Medical Help

-Sometimes medical intervention…either in the form of counseling or medication or a combination of the two may be necessary.

Also a good book full of tips is “Don’t Be Sad”


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