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There are some of the traditions of my husbands culture that I so adore and hope my children will also adopt and carry on. One of these is visiting guests. If someone from out of town visits, if you know them personally or know their family, you should stop by for a visit.

Today I made such a visit to a family friend. One whom in the years since we first knew them now has ties to us thru marriage also. Sometimes in Kurdish culture that’s how it goes, you know a family and eventually, somewhere down the road, someone gets married to someone else and they become not only a family friend but part of the big extended family.

This friend married into a family in Dallas that is from my husbands village, Bigdawda. She was back in Nashville visiting her mother, who I really like and has mutual feelings for me. I don’t know what it is, but I could spend hours with the elderly, maybe its their wisdom, maybe its they don’t care about the trivial things anymore, not sure exactly, but I always enjoy visits to see them.
She had gotten several sets of Kurdish clothes made for her sister in law who is getting married next month. Beautiful fabrics in shades of purple and turquoise, some embellished with sequins and others with bead work…all needing to be delicately hand sewn.

We sipped tea and ate Kada (Kurdish pastries) and chatted, catching up on each others families.

As I rose to go, her mother told me to go see their new deck. She then told her husband to go fetch me some Radish leaves and okra from their garden. Knowing it would make her happy, I accepted the gracious offering and went to explore the deck while he picked them from the garden.
He came back with a bag full of veggies and as I turned to leave, she told me, don’t forget this bag of Kada too.
Her daughter and I said our goodbyes, wishing safe travels, and giving our greetings to extended family.
“Tell them I said hello and I ask after all of them” I said
She smiled and said “They all say hello and tell them we are sick so they visit us in Dallas”
At this we both laughed.

It was a good visit. A good tradition.

A tradition that is almost dying out if we do not carry it on.


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