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The Flower of Maryam

Amazing nature that helps with birth and other uses. This is incredible and I have never heard of it before.
As far as I am concerned I am done having babies…plenty busy with the 5 i have 🙂
But should I ever have another….I will definitely look into using this plant.

Baraka Birth

Labor begins, and the midwife places a small dry twiggy rosette in a bowl of warm water, near the mother. Labor continues, the mother gently perspires, her cervix is softening and opening, and as it does, the ball of twigs begins to soften and expand into a woody flower. She takes a sip of the medicinal water, and, breathing deeply, she watches as the ball fully blossoms. Soon enough, she’s ready to push…

The “flower” in its tumbleweed form.

The Flower of Maryam (Anastatica hierochuntica) is a small shrub collected across North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan, and among its most popular medicinal uses is its application for childbirth. Whether its medicinal properties encourage dilation, or if it’s a powerful visualization tool for mothers, traditional midwives have used the Flower of Maryam with their laboring mothers for hundreds of years. A quick glance at its names (below)…

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