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On the Edge of Sanity

Lately I have been allowing myself to destress and heal thru writing again…the other day when I was having an especially hard day to deal with I sat down and wrote this…

I love my family
but I live on the edge of sanity
Stress invades my every groove
Pushing harder and harder
Move! Move!
At almost every second my internal soul screams help,
yet I chose this path in life who can help me see it thru?
My love, my heart and soul, fails to get me at times so how can I hope…
I hope I can survive this,
yet I worry what will my kids think,
will they hate me for my moodiness and lack of consistency?
or will they understand the demon I fought,
my “jihad of the nafs”

Note:  Jihad literally is Arabic for struggle…it can refer to a physical struggle, but religiously it ultimately refers to the inner struggle of the soul(nafs) between good and evil. 


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