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Progress Update

April 2nd Update 

Last weighed: 215 lbs.  Current Weight:  210 lbs.

So far I have not lost that much and it is mostly my doing.  I have not been getting enough exercise into my schedule and/or eating smaller portions and watching my consumption of sweets and carbonated beverages.

The weather here has also been a factor…mostly it has been overcast, rainy, and chilly, sometimes all 3 at the same time 🙂  When the weather has been nice though I have been doing alot of walking at the Nashville Zoo.  And when the boys were on spring break we went and checked out some parks we had never gone to and went walking there.

Portion size will be my target area this month.  Learning to eat smaller portions and not be tempted to go back for seconds or thirds just cause there is food left. 

And my biggest hurdle…learning that I don’t have to always finish my children’s food when they have leftovers!


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Taking Care of Me!

Lately I have had it with not taking care of myself…I put everything and everyone ahead of myself and honestly I am burnt out. 

Several times in the last year, make it last couple years, but especially this last year, I have felt I am two steps away from having a nervous breakdown. 

So one of the areas that I am not proud of myself and how I have let things go is my weight.  I never make it a priority cause I always can think of other things that need to get done or other people in my life like the hubby and kids that need to be taken care of.  So by the time I have time for myself I am exhausted and its much easier to just veg out and watch TV. 

So at the end of 2007 I finally came up with some goals I would like to accomplish in the next year.     Here they are: 

Starting weight:  200-210  Goal Weight:  150-160
Overall goal:  Lose 50 lbs in the next year.
Monthly goal:  4-5 lbs
Weekly goal: 1 lb
Overall goal:  Explore which exercises I can realistically incorporate into lifelong habits for consistent exercise
Weekly goal intially:  2-3 times, 1/2 hour exercise
Longterm goal:  5 times/week 1 hour, cardio and strength training
-To limit Sweets:  Chocolate, icecream, cakes, snack items, etc.
                          longterm goal:  occasionally
-To limit soda intake, intial goal:  1-2/day  longterm goal:  occasionally
-To cutback on total caloric intake, eat smaller portions
-increase Fruit consumption  intial goal:  Identify fruits that  i like to eat and increase intake    longterm goal:  substitute fruit for other sweets
I will be starting this soon.  I will update with my progress.

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